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Our Goal

Our goal is to have the biggest possible impact in the world. Nothing more. That's just it.


But how does Beyond Sustainable wants to go about achieving this goal? Our approach is to build this marketplace in combination with our Altruistic Profit Model. Based on this model Beyond Sustainable will support and fund social impact projects and initiatives, primarily climate change related, while also trying to grow at the same time. Our focus is on gathering money by offering the services on this plattform so that it can be used to do good in the world. For the forseeable future Beyond Sustainable will not run internal initiatives and all money will be donated or invested into external projects.

In the initial stages Beyond Sustainable will focus on another mission to scale into the bigger one. We believe that the way universities around the world teach is outdated and inefficient. We think that a lot of these problems could be solved by making more use of the videos as a form of teaching. That is why Beyond Sustainable will focus on building a plattform that provides video-courses for students in university.


Beyond Sustainable's vision is based upon some assumptions

People care about the environment and doing good in general and will try to support businesses that are doing good.The trend of people becoming more climate and morally aware and wanting to take more action will continue to grow in the future.

Keeping these assumptions in mind, we believe that nothing stops Beyond Sustainable from scaling from a small company into a giant one that offers many types of products. We believe that all it will take for a significant amount of people to gradually start using Beyond Sustainable over whatever plattform they are currently using is a comparable user experience. Creating a comparable user experience in an established market is a manageable task. We do not have to reinvent the wheel and come up with new features to attract users. We just have to be a credible and trusted green alternative with a competitive product and the users will come.

And in the longterm we believe that if the product quality between Beyond Sustainable and the competition is the same the green and impact aspect will be enough of a competitive advantage to become a market leader. So we have a specific plan in mind that will lead to Beyond Sustainable becoming the biggest market place in the world that will generate tremendous funds that support all kinds of impactful projects. Beyond Sustainable will become the rallying place for social and climate efforts so that humanity can tackle our biggest issues effectively.