Why is it important to upload digital items?

The vision of Beyond Sustainable is a big one. In the long timeframe, we strongly believe that we have a shot at disrupting society and creating ripple effects that have significant impact. Now the start for every marketplace is very hard and slow and every singly seller that signs up and every single proper item that is uploaded goes a long way in contributing to the power of our project and the speed in which we can move towards changing the world.

It is critical that as many people as possible sign up as sellers in the early days to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. Many strraight forwards actions can be done to grow a marketplace in general, but these don’t work very well at the very very start, because in the early days the marketplace still has very little to offer and people that have no connection to it will write it off as bad.

If you want to post, but you are not sure what exactly, read my other post beyondsustainable.com/what-should-you-post-to-beyond-sustainable

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