What should you post to Beyond Sustainable?

What should you post to Beyond Sustainable?

Beyond Sustainable is designed to offer a way to buy and sell digital and downloadable items. But for a start we would like to focus on offering university students a proper way to get access to valuable university materials and also allow the students that do some extra work to be able to profit from it. We have the strong belief that a cost basis will improve the quality of university items and also increase the amount of materials that are accessible. I am a student myself and sometimes finding the right document from a student that already finished the exact same course is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, often I cannot find any materials or the materials are not very useful.

So what can you post?

  • Summaries
  • Home exercises, assignments, solution keys
  • Presentations, essays, reports
  • explanations

When posting a university document you should consider the following things:

  • Only upload your own creations. Selling unchanged materials from third parties, your university or your lecturer is not allowed
  • Make sure the document is well structured and comprehensible
  • Set a price that is doable for broke university students and which is proportional to the work and value and length of the document

Don’t forget you can also upload non university digital items. The marketplace will gradually shift into a more general direction in the future and having your items here from the start will defenitely benefit you.

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