Our mission


To save society from climate change, we need innovative and ambitious ideas. Modern capitalism has set us up with a system that is ill-equipped to combat the biggest crisis in the history of humanity. To fight climate change we need change in governments, corporations and on an individual basis. In an ambitious attempt to bring about this change, we set out on a mission to change the role that companies play in society.


Our current economic system rewards ownership through the creation of monetary value. Capitalism has been efficient in giving strong incentives for creating value for others and in
coordinating productivity. Our capitalistic economy has been a major factor in improving living standards, but under the circumstance of an abstract threat like climate change, this system has failed to work effectively. With corporations having to satisfy shareholder wishes, governments being unable to implement the necessary measures and individuals lacking the capabilities of mounting a coordinated effort, the situation looks dire.


We need businesses to prioritise social impact, but that won’t happen if they are owned by exclusively monetarily inventivised shareholders. Our solution is to make the first step into this direction by being the first fast-scaling technology company that is built upon an altruistic profit model with the mission to have positive impact. We set out to spark a global movement that makes people question company incentives and forces businesses to adopt a more society-oriented business model, by not settling for anything less than an altruistic profit model.

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